Thursday, September 4, 2008


I was asked to be "the guest artist",
in the august issue,
of the norwegian magazine Ett Trykk.
* * *
I am happy and really proud to have so many of my cards published in the magazine.

This is a great magazine - and I´m really looking forward to every second month when a new one is published. Love it!
* * *

I even got one of my cards on the cover (front page) of the issue - how cool is that.... :-P

This is my the "train card"
The cute Magnolia baby stamp, is "sittande Alvin".
I made the card as an enlargement of the little cuttlebug train,
that I have used to decorate my card with.

inside the card..

* * *

I also made a "diaper cake", take a look at my new blog to see it...


Monika said...

congratulation to be published ,Elin
All the cards are so wonderful.Its a pity that I can`t get this Magazine here .
kram Monika

ribenaruby said...

Such beautiful cards deserve to be published. Your talent will be spread to others now. Well done!

Krissie said...

Det er så velfortjent!
Du er så utrolig flink til å lage kort, så det skulle bare mangle at du ikke ble spurt! ;)

Mona said...

This is such a cute idea! Love it!

Vibeke said...

Ikke rart du fikk dette publisert - det var knall fint. Og morro med annerledes kort!!! Herlig var det!!

Alison said...

Fantastic card, very creative.